We said Nancy was done; only the radicals will support her. Well, the radicals are supporting her and there are more of them in the Democratic Party than we would have guessed.

There is a body of opinion that argues it will be good for Republicans in 2012 and that may be true. But it won’t be good for the nation. The next two years are going to be acrimonious enough in any event, and only more so if she is in there stirring the pot (even without her gavel).

Her ardent supporters are actually throwing President Obama under the bus. They are saying the election rout wasn’t Nancy’s fault; Obama did it. Have you noticed, when the Republicans got burned in 2008 they just moped. But now the Democrats got burned this year and the Party is coming unhinged. Not only do they not “get it” about the American people, they don’t “get it” between themselves.

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