Given the setback just experienced by the Democratic Party, political analysts are recalling the 1994 mid-term election and looking at Bill Clinton’s reaction for a clue as to what Obama will do. It is a case of mistaken focus. One must look at Obama to see what Obama will do.

The fundamental differences between Barack Hussein Obama and William Jefferson Clinton are immense. Clinton wanted to be President of the United States. He relished the challenge and reveled in the attention and prestige. Politics is his sport and he wanted to be at the top of his game. His constant polling of public opinion confirmed his agenda was whatever worked to maintain his place in the sun.

The current President’s goals are completely different. Obama wants to reform the world starting with the transformation of America. To Obama, politics is not a sport and not a game. It is a means to an end. He is a sincere and determined true believer driven in part by the will to do good (according to his own concept) and in part by rage. Obama sees America as a deeply flawed nation. Clinton saw America as a fun place to work.

Defeat doesn’t soften rage, it deepens it. For renewal of his vision, the President will reflect on his early experiences and on the teachings of his mentors like “Uncle” Frank (Davis) and Peter Dreier. He will re-visit the teachings of Saul Alinsky for the means to accomplish his goals. The President will re-dedicate himself to the calling he has answered. His goals and determination will remain the same, befitting the status of a true believer. Only the strategy and tactics will change.

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