Defeated Democrats Implore Pelosi to Leave. Read it here.

A reasonable leader would find the grace to take defeat and retire with pride. Pride for what she did? Yes, pride. We abhor her goals and her methods. We detest what she accomplished. But she could have rejected us as we have her and walked into her own world with the knowledge that she did what presidents before her could not. For what we call Obamacare was named after its father but it was Nancy who gave it birth.

Now she fights on after the war has been lost and in her stubbornness turns on those who made her accomplishments possible only months ago. Radicals are unreasonable by nature. Thankfully they tend to be internally divisive as well. The radicals are scattered and only radicals will support her now. Nancy is done.

As far as she is concerned our time for anger is passed. Neither do we have time for pity.There is too much we have to do now that the sun is coming back out.

For instance:

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