In this 2001 interview  Barack Obama lamented the fact that the Warren Supreme Court had not seen fit to take property from people who had it and redistribute it to those who  did not. That notion is more Marxist than Socialist. It doesn’t bode well for a presidential candidate to have that sort of view be widely known.

Joe the plumber was instrumental in bringing it to national attention. He hit the nail on the head… ok, that’s a carpenter’s job, but Joe isn’t a union worker so if something needs to be done, and he is there and can do it, he does it. So Joe hit the nail on the head when he said he didn’t want someone elses money. He just wanted a fair chance to earn and keep his own.

But Obama didn’t concur and said instead, it was “time to spread the wealth around”. It was a political gaffe. The statement was not defensible so it was time to destroy the plumber. But the plumber was right.

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