The President’s New Year message to the people was eloquent, positive and replete with praise for the greatness of the nation we call home. There were no “buts” or “excepts” and no hint that it was not ever so. The flag pin on his lapel was as conspicuous in its presence as it has been in its absence at times in the past. The content of his message was worthy of Ronald Reagan. Has the leopard changed his spots?

In the opinion of our editorial staff, he has not. In our previous post  What Will Obama Do Now?, we wrote that after the mid-term election results Obama would revisit the teachings of his mentors for guidance on the best path to follow from here to his goal. The fast-track hit a roadblock, and a solid one at that. We said the Dude is done, Obama could see it too. Continuance of the transformation of America would first require transformation of the Dude himself. In a free Democracy like America, a radical cannot capture hearts and minds in sufficient numbers to survive elections and stay in power. A leader is needed, a leader who believes in the land. Someone once said “perception is reality”; and forming a winning perception will be the tack for the next two years.

The apparent transformation is stark. But few people change their beliefs on the proverbial dime. Are we to think an America seen as notable for its flaws is suddenly seen as noble from its inception? Or, an America that was not exceptional is now the greatest nation on earth?

“But Mr. President, didn’t you say America has not always lived up to its aspirations?”, asked John. “That was before the mid-term election results, John” answered Barack with a grin.

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