If Julian Assange, the perpetrator behind Wikileaks, were an American citizen he could likely be found guilty at some level for treason and should be punished accordingly. We recognize the seriousness of his offense but we see a lighter side as well. Take for instance the revelations of “What America Really Thinks of World Leaders”.

To the outer world, diplomats appear to live in a nether land of obscuration, speaking a stilted language of hints and innuendo trying all the while to say something and nothing at the same time. It is refreshing indeed to see what diplomats have to say when even the bald among them let their hair down and speak their minds free from the perceived need for political correctness and diplotalk.

We hear Kim Jong Il described as “a flabby old chap suffering from physical and psychological trauma.” We knew that. But somehow we weren’t sure the State Department knew it because we never heard them say it before.

We are told Omar Gadaffi is strange and learn he travels accompanied by a voluptuous Ukrainian “nurse”. We always knew he was mentally mad. But now we know he must not be totally mad.

Our diplomats tell our other diplomats that Italian President Silvio Berlusconi parties so hard he can’t get enough sleep to function well at his daytime government job. Berlusconi laughs. Germany’s foreign minister is criticized. Merkel doesn’t laugh. The German sense of humor has been missing for as long as that first sock that never came back from the dryer.

So…  Hillary ordered her diplomats to spy on some other diplomats at the UN. That revelation nearly put us to sleep. We have wondered at times if the UN was founded as a cost saving measure. Having all the spies and all the diplomats in one place all the time, cuts down on a lot of travel expense. And as anyone who has seen a James Bond movie knows, spies can rack up some huge expense accounts.

And then we learned things some of us really didn’t know. Hamid Karzai is “delusional” and “paranoid” when “off his meds.” But Nancy Pelosi comes out very well. She had the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) “scared to death” on the eve of her visit in 2009. Nancy has been an outspoken supporter of the Chinese freedom activists and of Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. Well done, Nancy!

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