In the international world of diplomacy, the players have many faces. One is for the outer world and it’s rather mundane. It isn’t a real face; it’s only an appearance created for public display. It’s the only one we normally see. Only our innocence do we imagine that it’s real.

Secondly, there’s the nuanced face presented at the negotiating table. It’s another false face but one where the players know what each other is saying although neither ever says it. They know what each is thinking; we on the outside can only surmise.

And then there is the face presented to the inner world, exposed only to a peer or superior to see. This is the real face and in the diplomatic world it’s kept more secret than a mistress. Or it was…until Wikileaks. Naïveté has fallen to a loss of innocence.


  1. Peter The SwedeFlyer

    What’s so scary about these leaks is that the balance of etiquette in the diplomatic/inter country diplomacy is now changed, and we do not know yet how that change will play out. Diplomacy and world leaders is all about to portray strength and morals and to save face. Now if WikiLeaks puts this through the mud — what will the reaction be of world leaders, they cannot just dismiss the information because it is most likely true information. Surely the US government is now in major damage control, but the cat is out of the bag.

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