Transforming the United States of America from a capitalist free market society into a socialist state is the President’s goal. Implementing socialism, even gradually, into a democratic society has to be dirty work because the people will not accept it voluntarily. Obamacare was enacted against the will of the majority and with open bribery to get the votes needed in the Senate. In an unguarded moment the Speaker of the House revealed the public would not know what the law is before it is put in force. The 111th Congress became the most unpopular Congress in the recorded history if the United States. Pelosi, Reid and the Legislature did Obama’s dirty work in 2009-2010. Who will do it in 2011-2012?

An agenda is implemented through laws. There are three means to create law, Legislation, Interpretation and Regulation. The Founders intended all law to be created by Legislation. However, the courts can determine law by Interpretation. When these both fail to achieve the goal, subversives can turn to Regulation. It’s called law by “fiat”. It is the Regulators who will be doing the dirty work in 2009-2010.

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