Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Resources HHS) has announced price controls for health insurance companies. Starting in 2011, insurance companies will need to get permission from the Obama Administration to raise prices more than 10%. That move is a prime example of law by fiat, simply by the decree of a government official.

In another example, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced their “net neutrality rules” last Tuesday. Government control of the Internet was launched with that announcement. Price controls and Internet control are both major issues, yet they were launched by un-elected presidential appointees. There was no Congressional debate, no review and no opportunity to hear opposing views. That is how the dirty work will get done over the next two years.

Many paragraphs of the law enacted by the passing legislative body began, literally or figuratively, “the regulator shall determine….” Broad powers were given to the regulators. This was by design. Such a plan enables presidential appointees to do as they or the president pleases.

The 111th Congress did not pass any significant global warming legislation despite their desire and opportunity to do so. We are encouraged by their failure. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced last Thursday that it will regulate power plants and oil refineries to combat global warming. What cannot be accomplished by “legal” law may be accomplished by “regulatory” law.”

The coming battle will be between the central planning experts and the people as represented by the Republican, and dare we say, the Tea, parties. Look for Obama to play the good cop, the bi-partisan cop, while his operatives do the dirty work. Good cop, bad cop, still a cop.

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