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Transforming the United States of America from a capitalist free market society into a socialist state is the President’s goal. Implementing socialism, even gradually, into a democratic society has to be dirty work because the people will not accept it voluntarily. Obamacare was enacted against the will of the majority and with open bribery to get the votes needed in the Senate. In an unguarded moment the Speaker of the House revealed the public would not know what the law is before it is put in force. The 111th Congress became the most unpopular Congress in the recorded history if the United States. Pelosi, Reid and the Legislature did Obama’s dirty work in 2009-2010. Who will do it in 2011-2012?

An agenda is implemented through laws. There are three means to create law, Legislation, Interpretation and Regulation. The Founders intended all law to be created by Legislation. However, the courts can determine law by Interpretation. When these both fail to achieve the goal, subversives can turn to Regulation. It’s called law by “fiat”. It is the Regulators who will be doing the dirty work in 2009-2010.


It is time to shorten the legs of the lame duck.

The purpose of the gap between election and assumption of power is to assure uninterrupted continuity of government and provide for a smooth transition of power. When one political party has enjoyed total control then is suddenly told by the voters that their power will be gone in two months it creates a sense of urgency. With that party still in control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency, a lot can be accomplished in two months.

An ambitious party of either persuasion will go into crisis mode. Good legislation requires time for debate, time for the public to become informed and respond. Crisis legislation allows for none of this. When major issues are involved, crisis legislation hardly allows time to write a good bill, let alone time to read it and understand all its various provisions. Crisis legislation is Pelosi legislation – pass the law now, worry about what’s in it later.

The length of time from election to assumption was set when travel was by horse and communication wasn’t much faster. Two months may have been reasonable then. But now with FedEx to transport the boxes and American Airlines the body, Senators and Senatresses could be on the job by 5pm the day after election. Why should the public have to wait? Okay, give them a break, make it two weeks.

The length of time that should prevail for lame duck sessions has been debated ever since John Adams was president. The 20th Constitutional Amendment (1933) was intended to put an end to the controversy. It did not. It still needs to be done.

One last thought, the boxing and travel expenses for our departing representatives move back to their homes should be paid fully by the government. It will reduce the incentive for taxpayers to fudge on their tax returns when they know the money is going for a worthy cause.


Worst Congress Ever

Gallop poll

Approval rating – 13%   The lowest on historical record

Disapproval rating – 83%   The lowest in over 30 years

Please note, that doesn’t leave much room in between for the wishie-washies. Congress really lost the Democrats in the last two months. Approval by Democratic voters plunged 58%, from 38 to 16 since Oct 10th. There was almost no change among Republicans. Obama remains above the fray. His approval rating has been staying in the 44-46% range. One can only speculate why.

So let us speculate. Left wing Democratic voters are unhappy because the likes of Cap and Trade, Card Check and  the DREAM Act did not get passed. Right wing Democrats, if one can say that, are holding Congress responsible for the election results. Centrist Democrats, if there still are any, are unhappy for both reasons.

That still doesn’t answer the question why Obama’s approval rating is little affected. It’s a puzzling question. Let’s speculate again. Blacks remain solidly in support of the President. They have no such loyalty to Congress. That accounts for about 12%. The Jewish community has always been fiercely loyal to the Democratic party. They are beginning to crack but the seepage is still just a trickle. Finally, once you achieve Messiah status, you acquire a true believer following. Men fail, but God can do no wrong. Congress, as we know, is comprised of mere mortals. Very mere indeed.

UPDATE: In short, Obama’s approval remains stable while Congress’s approval plunges because Obama has the loyalty of blacks, Jews and true believers and Congress does not.