The  Mohegan Sun is a very profitable casino in Connecticut. So profitable that every member of the Mohegan tribe is given about $30,000 each year as a share of the profits just for being a Mohegan Indian. The Obama Administration gave them an extra 54 million dollars to distribute this year. It was called “Stimulus Money”. It looks more like reparations to me.

Here is something not observed so much anymore –  Obama bumper stickers.

The New York Times had an op-ed article the other day headlined ”The Glory is Gone”. This guy is dropping so fast even Rasmussen cannot keep up with the polls.

Eleven ships of our Navy passed through the Suez Canal. Fill up your car now because if things start to pop, gasoline will cost more than whiskey.

Drudge refered to Joran as “Van der Slut”. It’s not the first time sluts have been insulted.

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