‘Lil Abner, when confounded by something he did not understand would say “That’s confoosin, but it’s not a-moosin.” (If you did not know Al Capp’s Lil Abner you have not lived a full life).

Now here is an Obamevent that has me confused but not amused. It seems that Obama decided to visit an old friend named Marty Nesbitt. Marty lives a just a few blocks away from Obama’s Rezko enabled home, which according to the Chicago Sun-Times is in “Kenwood Park/Hyde Park”. I am confused already. I thought Obama lived in Chicago; now it’s someplace slash someplace else neither of which sounds like Chicago.

In any event, the Nesbitt house is right across the street from the home of black supremacist Louis Farrakhan. There is nothing confusing about that. It is Chicago, and it is Obama’s neighborhood.

Wherever the President goes, the press goes in advance and accompanied by a Secret Service agent. This day the press boarded their bus as usual and headed for the home of Obama’s old friend. After stepping off the bus a man appeared and told them they were not to step on the narrow grass strip between the sidewalk and the curb because that was city property. The press obliged, taking care to keep their shoes from touching the city’s grass. The man walked off, passed through the Farrakhan gate, picked up a walkie-talkie that was hidden under a bucket behind a bush and muttered something about the CIA into it. He returned to engage the Secret Service agent who travels with the press. Three more men arrived wearing “Wide or Die” T shirts. Now it’s getting confusing but not amusing.

A reporter asked one of the men if the mansion was Farrakhan’s house. The man  just stared back in silence, but when pressed said “I don’t have no comment.” One of the reporters googled the address and found it to be the home of Taxexemptworld.com and exempt from taxation as a religious institution.

In due course, Fruit of Islam agents come on the scene one at a time. Each was greeted with a ritualistic handshake, hug and double air-kisses. Eventually there were 22 of them. The reporters retreated to the van. Two of the men walked by the van chanting “Islam”.

Much later these Fruit of Islam agents started to dwindle away. Later it became known that a Rev. Gary Hunter of Detroit had called Farrakhan to say the reporters were “good people” and to request the Fruit of Islam agents be told to stand down.

It is a strange story that demands a punch line, but there is none.

This post is based on an article in the Chicago Sun-Times which may be viewed here.


Bob B

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  1. What Was The Purpose Of This Article You Zionist Pig. To Inform The People Of What?? That A Man Shouldn’t Live Where He Lives??

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