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It’s amazing what you can learn from reading the links on Drudge.

Insect spies
In the military world we learn that the Pentagon is developing spy drones no bigger than an insect.  According to this New York Times report, the research is being conducted next to a cow pasture in North Carolina.  Finally we see some government efficiency.  If you are going to develop bug bombs it’s smart to do it where there is a good supply of bugs.

Trouble with Presidents
We always knew people died because Bush lied; now we find out President Obama is a murderer.  We have that from no less authority than the leader of the Nation of Islam, The Reverend Louis Farrakhan.  It must be true.  Certainly a Reverend wouldn’t lie.

Wrong urinal
We learn that one man peed away 8 million gallons of water in Portland, Oregon.  A surveillance camera recorded him in the act of finding bladder comfort on the shore of the town reservoir so the authorities drained it, all 8 million gallons.  Nothing was said of the small critters that roam its banks or the thoughtlessness of some of the birds that fly over the water.

Don’t fall into the same trap I did.  I paid my taxes and made my mortgage payments.  As a consequence, I don’t qualify for entry in a lottery to receive a grant from the latest billion dollar government fund for deadbeats.  Perhaps I’m being too harsh.  True misfortune has struck many a homeowner; but I suspect that true misfortune is not a requirement for application.


Louis Farrakhan and Mamoud Ahmadinejad spent some time together today at the New York Hilton. Obama did not join the pair. No reason was given by the White House for the President’s failure to meet with the two world leaders. It was a closed-door meeting but witnesses say there could be no doubt that they had lunch.

Some have speculated that Ahmadinejad, or A-Jad as Farrakhan calls him, offered a sub-caliphate position to the leader of the Nation of Islam. Negotiations hit a stalemate when A-Jad said the name “Panthers” would have to go. Panthers you see, are like big dogs and therefore unclean. For one thing, they never wash their feet.

It is unlikely Lou would have given up a nation for a sub job anyway. As he left the hotel one reporter counted 27 men accompanying the Minister, all dressed in black T-shirts, some carrying sticks. The reporter quipped “That’s quite an entourage. It’s just enough for 9 poling places.”


Farrakhan, Shabazz, Bin Laden

When a black President comes from a Black Liberation Theology church, assumes its racism when a white police officer detains a black man in Boston, appoints a black Attorney General who intervenes to discharge a clear-cut case against black members of a black supremacist organization; and when the First Lady gives speeches to a black activist organization urging continuation of the fight against slavery and Jim Crow; when these things happen, people sit up and take notice. Racism is rampant. Thank you Obama.

Few white people realize the depth of ant-Americanism and disdain for whites that is promoted by the New Black Panther organization and its adherents, but Obama knows it very well.

One of the Black Panthers that Attorney General Holder freed from prosecution was the leader of the organization.Malik Shabazz. In this video, taped in 2202, a few short months after 911 , Shabazz praises Bin Laden and cheers him on for the boldness with which he has acted and the success he has had in bringing  Jihad to America. It is a disturbing video to watch, and especially chilling to know that this man has just been protected from prosecution, by our President, over illegal voter intimidation at the polls.

It is vitally important to make it clear that the vast majority of black Americans do not hold to the extreme views of Louis Farrakhan or Malik Shabazz.

Regular readers of Random Thots know I am a great admirer of Martin Luther King. Here are some notable comparisons between the two.

King descended from slaves; Obama did not.

King dreamed of a color blind society; Obama is creating a color aware society.

King lived in the South; Obama lived in the North, as well as in Hawaii and Kenya.

King lived  in the area and in the era when blacks in the South could not eat in white restaurants or quench their thirst at white ‘public’ drinking fountains. Obama did not. He formative years started after the tide had turned, when great progress underway and when King’s dream seemed it might be, miraculously, achievable. Yet it is Barack who appears driven by resentment and King who was able to live beyond it.

The shame of it all is that our first black American President is undoing the work of Martin Luther King and it is all to the detriment of his own black community.

Bob B

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‘Lil Abner, when confounded by something he did not understand would say “That’s confoosin, but it’s not a-moosin.” (If you did not know Al Capp’s Lil Abner you have not lived a full life).

Now here is an Obamevent that has me confused but not amused. It seems that Obama decided to visit an old friend named Marty Nesbitt. Marty lives a just a few blocks away from Obama’s Rezko enabled home, which according to the Chicago Sun-Times is in “Kenwood Park/Hyde Park”. I am confused already. I thought Obama lived in Chicago; now it’s someplace slash someplace else neither of which sounds like Chicago.

In any event, the Nesbitt house is right across the street from the home of black supremacist Louis Farrakhan. There is nothing confusing about that. It is Chicago, and it is Obama’s neighborhood.

Wherever the President goes, the press goes in advance and accompanied by a Secret Service agent. This day the press boarded their bus as usual and headed for the home of Obama’s old friend. After stepping off the bus a man appeared and told them they were not to step on the narrow grass strip between the sidewalk and the curb because that was city property. The press obliged, taking care to keep their shoes from touching the city’s grass. The man walked off, passed through the Farrakhan gate, picked up a walkie-talkie that was hidden under a bucket behind a bush and muttered something about the CIA into it. He returned to engage the Secret Service agent who travels with the press. Three more men arrived wearing “Wide or Die” T shirts. Now it’s getting confusing but not amusing.

A reporter asked one of the men if the mansion was Farrakhan’s house. The man  just stared back in silence, but when pressed said “I don’t have no comment.” One of the reporters googled the address and found it to be the home of Taxexemptworld.com and exempt from taxation as a religious institution.

In due course, Fruit of Islam agents come on the scene one at a time. Each was greeted with a ritualistic handshake, hug and double air-kisses. Eventually there were 22 of them. The reporters retreated to the van. Two of the men walked by the van chanting “Islam”.

Much later these Fruit of Islam agents started to dwindle away. Later it became known that a Rev. Gary Hunter of Detroit had called Farrakhan to say the reporters were “good people” and to request the Fruit of Islam agents be told to stand down.

It is a strange story that demands a punch line, but there is none.

This post is based on an article in the Chicago Sun-Times which may be viewed here.


Bob B

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