Farrakhan, Shabazz, Bin Laden

When a black President comes from a Black Liberation Theology church, assumes its racism when a white police officer detains a black man in Boston, appoints a black Attorney General who intervenes to discharge a clear-cut case against black members of a black supremacist organization; and when the First Lady gives speeches to a black activist organization urging continuation of the fight against slavery and Jim Crow; when these things happen, people sit up and take notice. Racism is rampant. Thank you Obama.

Few white people realize the depth of ant-Americanism and disdain for whites that is promoted by the New Black Panther organization and its adherents, but Obama knows it very well.

One of the Black Panthers that Attorney General Holder freed from prosecution was the leader of the organization.Malik Shabazz. In this video, taped in 2202, a few short months after 911 , Shabazz praises Bin Laden and cheers him on for the boldness with which he has acted and the success he has had in bringing  Jihad to America. It is a disturbing video to watch, and especially chilling to know that this man has just been protected from prosecution, by our President, over illegal voter intimidation at the polls.

It is vitally important to make it clear that the vast majority of black Americans do not hold to the extreme views of Louis Farrakhan or Malik Shabazz.

Regular readers of Random Thots know I am a great admirer of Martin Luther King. Here are some notable comparisons between the two.

King descended from slaves; Obama did not.

King dreamed of a color blind society; Obama is creating a color aware society.

King lived in the South; Obama lived in the North, as well as in Hawaii and Kenya.

King lived  in the area and in the era when blacks in the South could not eat in white restaurants or quench their thirst at white ‘public’ drinking fountains. Obama did not. He formative years started after the tide had turned, when great progress underway and when King’s dream seemed it might be, miraculously, achievable. Yet it is Barack who appears driven by resentment and King who was able to live beyond it.

The shame of it all is that our first black American President is undoing the work of Martin Luther King and it is all to the detriment of his own black community.

Bob B

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