How resentment over colonialism has shaped Obama’s thinking has suddenly become a hot topic in the wake of Dinesh D’Souza’s cover article in Forbes magazine and Newt Gingrich’s comments about the subject. But Random Thots said it first, in our post on June 21st entitled KENYA! THAT’S IT!

We had been puzzled for some time about the source of Obama’s apparent disdain for Great Britain. Suddenly a friend made it crystal clear. Obama’s roots are in Kenya and Kenyans have a deep seated hatred of the English for their colonization.

In doing research for this piece we ran across another gem. Obama has given 23 million of your dollars and mine to Kenya to support the writing of a new constitution, one that carves out legal space for Muslim khadi courts, which handle family issues in accord with Sharia law. Aside from all the other issues involved here, why does Kenya need 23 million dollars  of ours in order to write a new constitution?

For more on how Barrack Obama thinks, read our post RACISM RISING UNDER OBAMA and SHOULD WE WISH OBAMA TO SUCCEED?. As always, click the blues or the underlines to follow the links.

One response to “HOW OBAMA THINKS

  1. Right on, Bob! Your snippets of wisdom and truths are very important – keep them up.


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