Louis Farrakhan and Mamoud Ahmadinejad spent some time together today at the New York Hilton. Obama did not join the pair. No reason was given by the White House for the President’s failure to meet with the two world leaders. It was a closed-door meeting but witnesses say there could be no doubt that they had lunch.

Some have speculated that Ahmadinejad, or A-Jad as Farrakhan calls him, offered a sub-caliphate position to the leader of the Nation of Islam. Negotiations hit a stalemate when A-Jad said the name “Panthers” would have to go. Panthers you see, are like big dogs and therefore unclean. For one thing, they never wash their feet.

It is unlikely Lou would have given up a nation for a sub job anyway. As he left the hotel one reporter counted 27 men accompanying the Minister, all dressed in black T-shirts, some carrying sticks. The reporter quipped “That’s quite an entourage. It’s just enough for 9 poling places.”

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