It’s amazing what you can learn from reading the links on Drudge.

Insect spies
In the military world we learn that the Pentagon is developing spy drones no bigger than an insect.  According to this New York Times report, the research is being conducted next to a cow pasture in North Carolina.  Finally we see some government efficiency.  If you are going to develop bug bombs it’s smart to do it where there is a good supply of bugs.

Trouble with Presidents
We always knew people died because Bush lied; now we find out President Obama is a murderer.  We have that from no less authority than the leader of the Nation of Islam, The Reverend Louis Farrakhan.  It must be true.  Certainly a Reverend wouldn’t lie.

Wrong urinal
We learn that one man peed away 8 million gallons of water in Portland, Oregon.  A surveillance camera recorded him in the act of finding bladder comfort on the shore of the town reservoir so the authorities drained it, all 8 million gallons.  Nothing was said of the small critters that roam its banks or the thoughtlessness of some of the birds that fly over the water.

Don’t fall into the same trap I did.  I paid my taxes and made my mortgage payments.  As a consequence, I don’t qualify for entry in a lottery to receive a grant from the latest billion dollar government fund for deadbeats.  Perhaps I’m being too harsh.  True misfortune has struck many a homeowner; but I suspect that true misfortune is not a requirement for application.

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