Week ending July 2, 2010

Russian spies arrested, 11 of them.
This stuff is no limited to the movies.

Paul Krugman warns we need to go deeper in debt to avoid a Depression
And he won a Pulitzer Prize in economics They should have given it to Joe the Plumber..

Senate gives Obama the power to close of your access to the Internet.
George Orwell should have called the book “2010”.

The stock market drops 268 points.
The Consumer Confidence index fell from 62 to 52 in one month.

Democrats deny Republican request to visit the oil spill, logisical problem.
As Yogi would say, Republicans can’t go there any more, it’s too crowded.

Congressional Budget Office projects debt to reach WW II levels by December
Krugman cries more! more! Poor Paul is puzzled, we dig and dig more, but still don’t reach the top of the hole.

The New York Times reports Hillary warming up to Ukraine now that they have a more pro-Moscow president.

KIEV (Reuters) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may initiate renewed U.S. interest in Ukraine after a flurry of pro-Russian moves by its new leadership when she visits the ex-Soviet republic on Friday, analysts said.

Clinton’s stop in Kiev, at the start of a five-country regional trip, is the first to Ukraine by a top U.S. official since President Viktor Yanukovich was elected in February, ousting pro-Western leaders and tilting policy toward Russia.

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Bob B

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