By having the job done by the greedy private sector the town plans to save 4 million dollars. Three cheers for greed!

But what happens to the displaced municipal employees? The town appears only to be interested in profits, I should say savings, and cares not a whit about what it means for the toilet cleaner’s children who still need to be clothed and fed. What about them, we asked.

The mayor said Hattie Wilson and Angus Doolittle, the most senior of the crew, will be given appointments as Ladies and Mens Room Czars, respectively of course. But what of the others we asked. “We have set aside 4 million dollars to retrain them” , the mayor said. Adding, “still, they may need to step down to some sort of less remunerative work.”


Bob B

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P.S. Seriously, it says a lot when government turns to the private sector to get a job done that they can not do a simple as efficiently on their own.

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