Week ending July 23, 2010

New York City may set a record hi temp for July

Maybe the “warmers” are right.

Hillary says the Pakistani government knows where Bin Laden is.
I wouldn’t doubt it, but they are not going to tell us.

Record cold temperatures throughout South America,
175 deaths from cold reported so far.
It looks like the “warmers” are wrong.

Louisiana Governor Jindal beseeches Obama to end drilling moratorium.

Loss of drilling activity to cost up to 20,000 jobs in Louisiana alone.

Rangel wrangles for time.

More corruption from the party that points the finger of corruption at others.
Our power is still out
The New York Times fails to report it.

North Korea threatens war against the U. S
North Korea promises a “physical response” if planned naval maneuvers take place. Hillary says the maneuvers will occur as scheduled.

Bob B

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