Proposition C voters said YES to the tune of 71% in favor of the Proposition which says NO to mandated insurance for health care. Missouri thus joins with Arizona in entering into a serious conflict between a sovereign State and the Federal government, AZ over illegal immigration, MO over Obamacare. What State will be next? What issue will be next?

This case is almost certain to go to the U.S. Supreme Court. If the Court upholds Missouri’s Proposition C, Missouri residents will be exempt from the Federal mandate to buy this insurance. An avalanche of states will follow. Obamacare will be in trouble. Kagan, if appointed, will be the leftmost judge on the court. The direction in which she would vote is not in doubt.

One of the reasons America surpassed Europe to become a superpower is that Europe is comprised of nation states that repeatedly make war with each other while our states remain united, even following a civil war.

We were a nation that had grown harshly divided along political lines in recent years. Obama promised to bring unity. Instead, we have seen only a widening of the gap and a hardening of the hostility along political lines.

We have quoted Lincoln before and we will quote him again, “A house divided cannot stand.”

Bob B

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