Pajama People
About the time blogging was reaching puberty, a journalist of the traditional sort penned an article in derision of these upstarts who were infringing upon his profession. He argued that bloggers were to be dismissed as a motley lot, just muddying the waters of true journalism. They were butchers, bakers, soccer moms and cabinet makers. They were people who arose early in the morning to write their posts while still in pajamas, before getting dressed to go to work. “Pajama people” he called them.

“Unreliable and unprofessional” he said, “bloggers did not have copy editors, research staffs or the facilities for the fact checking which is essential for trustworthy reporting”. Simply put, bloggers did not have the means to support responsible reporting as did, say NBC for Dan Rather or the New York Times for Jason Blair.

There are pundits today who deride the main stream media by calling it “state run media”. Of course, it is not. But there is no denying the blogosphere is people run media.

Legislative trivia

Which Senator has had the greatest success seeing bills he sponsored pass into law since 1987?
Orrin Hatch (R) UT 66 successes

Which Senator has had the greatest failure getting bills he sponsored to pass into law?
Chuck Schumer (D) NY 684 failures

Which elected official has the highest record for being absent for a Congressional vote?
Del. Faleomavaega (D) AS
41% of votes missed since 2007

Answers provided by GovTrack http://www.govtrack.us/congress

American Samoa

What or where in the world is AS?
American Samoa, capital Pago Pago, the only U.S. territory south of the Equator. Polynesian paradise, so I am told.

Bob B

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