Snyder wins in Michigan, Moran in Kansas. Neither was the Tea Party favorite so much is being made of it as a sign of Tea Party weakness, especially by the Left. The Left is grabbing at straws. All it shows is that the Tea people do not dominate the Republican Party. And that bodes well for the general election.

The role of the Tea Party is to influence the Republican Party, not to introduce sudden radical change. Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party quickly bit the dust. Ralph Nader only succeeded in aiding Republican candidates by splitting the Democratic vote. The Tea people are doing just fine right now, bringing the Republican Party back to Conservatism one steady step at a time.


Snyder is running for Governor of Michigan, home of Detroit and the highest unemployment rate in the country. As an experienced businessman, Snyder was a good choice. Moran is vying for the Kansas Senate seat and his election will be more significant on a national level.

UPDATE: A good example of why the Tea Party should not dominate. Sarah Palin endorsed Brian Murphy over Gov Robert Ehrlich as Republican candidate for the Maryland Senate seat. Here is a comment from Paul Mirengoff at Power Line blog.

The problem is that, in my view (and I’ve lived in Maryland most of my life), Murphy has essentially zero chance of defeating our incumbent liberal governor, Martin O’Malley. By contrast, former Gov. Robert Ehrlich, the overwhelming favorite to secure the Republican nomination, is running even with O’Malley in the polls. Thus, for those of us who wish to avoid a continuation of liberal state governance, Ehrlich is the obvious choice

Bob B

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