Virginia Gov. McDonnell is paving the way for authorizing the VA State Police to check for immigration status when they stop individuals for other reasons. Virginia joins a growing list of States who see the need to step in and act where the Federal government has failed them.

Nine States have filed amicus briefs in Federal Court in support of Arizona in the pending case of the Obama government vs. the State of Arizona. Those States are AL, FL, MI, NE, PA, SC and TX. Five States have gone a step further and have introduced their own legislation in the same vein as Arizona’s. Those States are SC, PA, MI, MN and RI. Others expected to introduce similar legislation soon are FL, TX and UT.

If the first obligation of government is to keep its citizens safe, should not the second obligation be to keep the States United? It is the President’s responsibility to maintain such unity. Obama, however, has brought a bucket of gasoline to put out the fire.

In Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky taught that the first goal for a community organizer needs to be acceptance. The second is to agitate. Crisis and controversy are tools to be used to bring an increase of power. Obama is strengthening his position with his core following and shows no concern for the division he is feeding. This is wholly consistent with his Marxist leanings.

Bob B

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