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Prior to Barack Obama, presidents urged Congress to make laws.  Obama doesn’t bother.  He cuts out the middle man with an executive order.  The orders always come on a Friday after the White House newsroom has largely been vacated for the weekend.  Besides, nobody reads the Saturday paper in any event.  The Constitution?  Oh that was written years ago, it’s out of date.

In a move that might be called the campaigns first October surprise, the presumptive Democratic candidate has granted amnesty to youthful immigrants.  Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano made the announcement Friday morning; the new policy will not grant citizenship to children who came to the United States as illegal immigrants, but will remove the threat of deportation and grant them the right to work in the United States.

If socialism is his goal,
He has the country on a roll.
Inch by inch, hair by hair,
He is quietly taking us there.


Two highly significant issues are being prepared for presentation before the Supreme Court.  One is the United States Government vs. the State of Arizona.  The argument put forth by the Obama administration is that the federal government is given exclusive power to regulate immigration.  The question then is what power does a state have to protect its own people when the federal government imperils the states citizens by failing to enforce its own laws.

The second significant item is the constitutionality of Obamacare.  No case has actually been filed as yet but one is fully expected.  At one count, 38 states had joined or were considering joining in a suit to argue the health care plan is unconstitutional.  The issue here is the “individual mandate”.  The plan requires everyone to carry insurance or pay money to the government for failure to do so.  The crux of the argument lies in the characterization of that money.  Is it a tax or a penalty?

If it is a tax, Obamacare is more likely to be found constitutional under the clause that gives the federal government to levy tax for the national welfare of the people.  However, if it is a penalty, Obamacare is more likely to be found unconstitutional under the interstate commerce provisions which give Congress the power to regulate, but not to mandate interstate commerce.

The states will argue that the money is a penalty.  The Obama administration will argue it is a tax.  It would be interesting if President Obama were to be called to testify about his assertions to the American people that his plan would actually save money and therefore no new taxes would be required to pay for it.  That won’t happen, of course.


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Virginia Gov. McDonnell is paving the way for authorizing the VA State Police to check for immigration status when they stop individuals for other reasons. Virginia joins a growing list of States who see the need to step in and act where the Federal government has failed them.

Nine States have filed amicus briefs in Federal Court in support of Arizona in the pending case of the Obama government vs. the State of Arizona. Those States are AL, FL, MI, NE, PA, SC and TX. Five States have gone a step further and have introduced their own legislation in the same vein as Arizona’s. Those States are SC, PA, MI, MN and RI. Others expected to introduce similar legislation soon are FL, TX and UT.

If the first obligation of government is to keep its citizens safe, should not the second obligation be to keep the States United? It is the President’s responsibility to maintain such unity. Obama, however, has brought a bucket of gasoline to put out the fire.

In Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky taught that the first goal for a community organizer needs to be acceptance. The second is to agitate. Crisis and controversy are tools to be used to bring an increase of power. Obama is strengthening his position with his core following and shows no concern for the division he is feeding. This is wholly consistent with his Marxist leanings.

Bob B

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Democratic state governors are disturbed over Obama’s stance against the states over immigration policy. The governors have expressed concern that it may cost them their re-election. What should really concern them is his intrusion on the sovereignty of the states. What should concern us all is the division Obama is fostering between the States now United.

“And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand”. Matthew, chapter 12 verse 25

We have found it appropriate to publish excerpts from Lincolns famous House Divided speech in our REFERENCE feature.

Looking back over history one might ask, why the new continent developed into a great world power but Continental Europe never did. The answer is clear. Europe remained balkanized while in America the states united. Our strength, indeed our very existence derives from our unity. Barack Obama is assaulting that unity.

What is it that drives this man???

Bob B


Week ending April 23, 2010

Obama misses Polish President’s funeral
Heads of state from the smaller European countries found ways around their ashes to attend the funeral, Sarkozy and Merkel stayed home. Biden and Clinton express their sympathies to the Polish Embassy. Obama played golf.

New York Times reports Muslim outreach
Obama is becoming less cautious about speaking out for Muslims

GOP goes on fishing expedition
Asks for investigation into White House connection to Goldman Sachs case.

Biden lays it on.
Blames greedy banks for financial collapse

Grounds trembling under SEC case against Goldman Sachs
SEC charge is Goldman defrauded ACA by failing to disclose Paulson’s intent to short the portfolio ACA was assembling. Paulson aide says he informed ACA of Paulson’s intent.

Obama and Biden both go to the scene of the crime to pump up some resentment
In a speech at Cooper Union in NYC Obama lays it on the greedy banks for causing the country’s economic problem. Biden carries the same water elsewhere in the city.

Obama slams Arizona immigration law
Claims law violates civil rights

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