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I want my money back.  The show wasn’t as entertaining as it was expected to be.  Biden was obnoxious but otherwise he did quite well.  Each agenda declared their candidate won.  Arguably Biden did a better job with his answers; clearly his “friend” Paul Ryan came across as more likeable.  Ryan also did a better job of establishing his honesty, not once did he lie by saying Biden was his friend.

Speaking of lies, Joe Biden said of the Libyan Consulate attack “We weren’t told they wanted more security; we did not know they wanted more security there.”  That was a bald face lie.

Biden said President Obama has “gone out and repaired our alliances so that the rest of the world follows us again.”  It’s far from the truth slo Joe may actually believe it so this one falls somewhere between a lie and oblivious ignorance.  But no benefit of the doubt can be given on the next statement that Romney and Biden, “bet against America all the time.”  Biden combined a lie with a smear with that one.

Biden said the administration passed a “middle class tax cut.”  That was another lie.  Biden said Sarah Palin spoke about “death panels” in their Vice Presidential debate in 2008.  No such statement by Palin is in the transcript.  Biden lied again.  Biden said no one is looking to do things through the UN.  But the truth is the UN plays an important role in the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

All politicians play loose with the facts at times.  We accept that within bounds.  It is up to us to intelligently separate the wheat from the chaff.   It bothers us to label anyone a liar.  But when liars lie and lie and lie, then lie again by accusing you for being the liar, at some point courtesy begins to look like guilt.  It is time to call the liars liars.  Joe Biden and Barack Obama are liars.


Paul Mirengoff at the Power Line blog disputes the presumptions of Harvard historian James Kloppenberg who has written a book called Reading Obama: Dreams, Hopes, and the American Political Tradition, in which Kloppenberg compares Obama favorably to the founding fathers. Mirrengoff’s post is a very interesting read.

I don’t know where she got it, but Blonde Sagacity posted this photo with the suggestion – CAPTION IT. Click the image and study each ones eyes.

From  Charlie Daniels‘  Soapbox
“It happened in Greece, it’s happening in France and it will happen anywhere the ugly serpent of socialism raises it’s head, including the United States of America.

Socialism is flawed by design. It discourages competition, over taxes the productive, and in its feverish effort to bring all society down to the lowest common denominator, eventually destroys everything in its path.”


Biden, ‘We’re Moving In The Right Direction’

That is the headline posted by Ross at The Lunch Counter on 25 August 2010, 12:01 am

Random Thots reports on speech to the U.I.D.V.A.*


B.F.D. Biden (Joe) began his speech to the U.I. conventioneers by saying “After 8 years of failed policies of the Bush Administration that left us with a 4.6% rate of unemployment, Our Administration has finally put the nation on the path in which we believe it should go”. The people cheered.

Biden continued, “Critical mid-term elections are coming, in November I think. Campaigning is in my blood so I am happy to be out here on a stump again. I was excited when my advisers told me I was not up for re-election this year. It meant I could devote all my time to flying over the country in Air Force II and talk to groups like you”.

In a plea to the U.I. audience B.F.D. said “We have done a lot already but there is much more of the same yet to do. We desperately need your support, very desperately. We must pass Cap and Trade to bring to industry what healthcare reform has brought to you. We must pass Card Check to strengthen the forces that patrol our polling places lest they get out of control. We must obstruct Republican obstruction or the current path of the nation will be reversed.

“The crowd began to cheer. The VP raised his left hand in a fist and shouted “Vote! Vote! Vote! And vote again! As many times as you can!”

As the U.I. members left the hall, Joe shook each ones hand and said “Don’t forget to vote. It’s in November I think.”

*The Useful Idiots and Democratic Voters of America


Government calls on director of Titanic and Avatar to stop oil spill

Neither British Petroleum, the Federal Government, the U.S. Coast Guard nor even Obama himself have been able to stop the flow. Just when there seems to be no hope at all, the powers that guide us place their faith in a master movie maker. It’s Hollywood to the rescue.

It’s a stroke of genius. Anyone who knows how to tell someone else to photograph a ship under water should also know how to tell someone else to screw a cap on a pipe underwater. Modesty reigns in the White House so no one is taking credit for the idea. Some say it came from Biden, others claim it was Emmanuel who said “Never let a disaster go to waste. Let’s make a movie.”

We assume Obama would play himself in the saga. While the story would be based on real events it would need to be greatly modified. Actually that’s redundant; “based on” means “greatly modified” in Hollywoodspeak. Change is essential for there must be a hero, a villain, sex, tragedy and triumph. The hero, villain and tragedy are in place and triumph can be presumed. Sex is the challenge. Producers are considering changing the site to a land base rig where the explosive event could be filmed with shock and awe.

Bob B

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Obama making it perfectly clear.

Barack H. Obama, the current president of the United States, just held a press conference, his first in over a year. As you probably know, a foreign oil company has been spilling a lot of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. It started more than a month ago (April 20) and apparently our current president thought it was time he said something about it.

Obama said his people ordered the company to drill two holes as part of the effort to control the spill instead of the single one that executives had proposed. “BP is operating at our direction,” Obama said. “Every key decision and action they take must be approved by us in advance,” adding that, “if the Coast Guard ordered BP to do something, they are legally bound to do it. BP is not running around wherever it wants and nobody’s minding the store,” Obama said. “Our teams are authorized to direct BP, in the same way that they’d be authorized to direct those teams if they were technically being paid by the government.”

When a reporter asked about Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s comment that the administration has their “boots on the neck” of the oil company, Obama replied “We don’t need to use language like that. What we need are actions that make sure BP is held accountable.” It is unfortunate Salazar did not consult with the vice president about the use of language before making that statement.

Elizabeth Birnbaum was head of the U.S. Minerals Management Service, the federal agency that oversees offshore oil drilling. She just resigned. A reporter by the name of Chip Reid asked our current president about it. He replied that he knew she was gone, and added “I don’t know the circumstances in which this occurred.”

Presumably as a  courtesy to clear Ms Birnbaum, lest she be blamed for the accident, Obama told the reporter that corrupt practices of the Bush administration are what led to the disaster.

The President announced he was running BP at about 1:16 pm. By 1:38 pm  BP executives declared the flow had begun to slow and the oceans had started to clean. Obama will visit the Louisiana shoreline tomorrow to view the damage. It is presumed that from there, he will walk out to the sight of the spill and turn the remaining oil into wine.

The transcript of our current president’s more or less annual press conference is here.

Bob B

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Week ending April 23, 2010

Obama misses Polish President’s funeral
Heads of state from the smaller European countries found ways around their ashes to attend the funeral, Sarkozy and Merkel stayed home. Biden and Clinton express their sympathies to the Polish Embassy. Obama played golf.

New York Times reports Muslim outreach
Obama is becoming less cautious about speaking out for Muslims

GOP goes on fishing expedition
Asks for investigation into White House connection to Goldman Sachs case.

Biden lays it on.
Blames greedy banks for financial collapse

Grounds trembling under SEC case against Goldman Sachs
SEC charge is Goldman defrauded ACA by failing to disclose Paulson’s intent to short the portfolio ACA was assembling. Paulson aide says he informed ACA of Paulson’s intent.

Obama and Biden both go to the scene of the crime to pump up some resentment
In a speech at Cooper Union in NYC Obama lays it on the greedy banks for causing the country’s economic problem. Biden carries the same water elsewhere in the city.

Obama slams Arizona immigration law
Claims law violates civil rights

About Washington Week in Review
It is our intent to publish this feature on Saturday in the future. The goal is to provide a handy recap of interesting events that occurred during the week, including some that may not have been given much attention in the major media.


Joe Biden – April 2008 – Iraq is a failure.
Joe Biden – February 2010 – Iraq is a success..
Turning Iraq into a Democracy is one of Obama’s greatest achievements was the theme of Bidens’ message to Larry King.

Joe Biden is first in the line of succession to the Presidency. Smiling Nancy Pelosi follows, then it would be former Klu Klux Klan organizer Robert Byrd. You know Byrd, the Democratic Senator from W. Va. who filibustered for 14 straight hours against passage of the Civil Rights Act. Surely Thomas Jefferson would be appalled to see what has become the party he founded.

Bob B

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