Biden, ‘We’re Moving In The Right Direction’

That is the headline posted by Ross at The Lunch Counter on 25 August 2010, 12:01 am

Random Thots reports on speech to the U.I.D.V.A.*


B.F.D. Biden (Joe) began his speech to the U.I. conventioneers by saying “After 8 years of failed policies of the Bush Administration that left us with a 4.6% rate of unemployment, Our Administration has finally put the nation on the path in which we believe it should go”. The people cheered.

Biden continued, “Critical mid-term elections are coming, in November I think. Campaigning is in my blood so I am happy to be out here on a stump again. I was excited when my advisers told me I was not up for re-election this year. It meant I could devote all my time to flying over the country in Air Force II and talk to groups like you”.

In a plea to the U.I. audience B.F.D. said “We have done a lot already but there is much more of the same yet to do. We desperately need your support, very desperately. We must pass Cap and Trade to bring to industry what healthcare reform has brought to you. We must pass Card Check to strengthen the forces that patrol our polling places lest they get out of control. We must obstruct Republican obstruction or the current path of the nation will be reversed.

“The crowd began to cheer. The VP raised his left hand in a fist and shouted “Vote! Vote! Vote! And vote again! As many times as you can!”

As the U.I. members left the hall, Joe shook each ones hand and said “Don’t forget to vote. It’s in November I think.”

*The Useful Idiots and Democratic Voters of America

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