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“The Budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, assistance to foreign lands should be reduced lest the State become bankrupt. The people should … work and not depend on government for subsistence.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero in the year 106 BC.

So you see, some things just don’t change much over time, even a very long time. Surely Madison, Adams, Jefferson and that whole crowd understood this when they formulated the Constitution.

“It is a gloomy moment in the history of our country. Not in the lifetime of most men has there been so much grave and deep apprehension; never has the future seemed so incalculable as at this time. The domestic economic situation is in chaos. Our dollar is weak throughout the world. The political cauldron seethes and bubbles with uncertainty. Russia hangs, as usual, like a cloud, dark and silent, upon the horizon. It is a solemn moment. Of our troubles no man has seen the end.”

Harper’s Magazine  1847

Dare we Hope our beloved land will once again triumph over trouble as it did in the wake of Harper’s nineteenth century view? Or is Change changing our path to that once trod by Rome?

Bob B

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Joe Biden – April 2008 – Iraq is a failure.
Joe Biden – February 2010 – Iraq is a success..
Turning Iraq into a Democracy is one of Obama’s greatest achievements was the theme of Bidens’ message to Larry King.

Joe Biden is first in the line of succession to the Presidency. Smiling Nancy Pelosi follows, then it would be former Klu Klux Klan organizer Robert Byrd. You know Byrd, the Democratic Senator from W. Va. who filibustered for 14 straight hours against passage of the Civil Rights Act. Surely Thomas Jefferson would be appalled to see what has become the party he founded.

Bob B

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Is your path occasionally crossed by an obnoxious zealot? Perhaps it is a friend, relative, or co-worker who asks for your opinion then snarls at your answer. Thomas Jefferson left some advice for you in a letter to his grandson on November 24, 1796.

“In the fevered state of our country, no good can ever result from any attempt to set one of these fiery zealots to rights, either in fact or principle. They are determined as to the facts they will believe, and the opinions on which they will act. Get by them, therefore, as you would by an angry bull; it is not for a man of sense to dispute the road with such an animal.”

My mother’s advice was, don’t argue with a drunk. Same concept.

So much fuss is made about political acrimony today one could easily get the idea it was never so in the past. But our very nation was born out of political acrimony. The Tea Party, the one in 1773, was a manifestation of political acrimony between the King and the people.

If you are set upon with offensive words, be not dismayed. If you are charged with same, be not intimidated. For of such has it always been and forever will it so remain.

Click this link for a short video of the Bolivian Parliament in action and I mean action.

Bob B

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