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Four of our diplomats were slaughtered inside of the American Embassy in Libya when protesters heavily armed with guns and explosives stormed the compound.  The American flag was torn down inside the embassy in Tunisia and the Al Qaeda flag raised in its place.  Rioting Muslims are burning the American flag in the street outside the American embassy in London.  Newspaper headlines are reporting that riots against America are breaking out around the globe.

Obama sends Jay Carney to explain to the American people that these acts are not against America, it’s just that some Muslims didn’t like a film.  The exact words issued by the White House through their spokesman were:

“This is not a case of protests directed at the United States writ large or at U.S. policy, this is in response to a video that is offensive to Muslims’

Our credit rating was just downgraded again today from AA to AA-.  The unemployment rate has remained over 8% longer than any period since the Great Depression of the 30’s.  So many have dropped completely out of the job market that 88 million Americans do not have a job; that’s one out of every three that is not employed.  And this President thinks he should be re-elected?


Photo Credit: Phillymag.com

Here we see three Gay Pride activists, all guests in the White House posing to be photographed as they proudly give the middle finger to a former President.  I for one would not tolerate such a disgusting act of disrespect like this from guests in my own house.  And I would wager a priestly sum on a bet that these three consider themselves to be the occupiers of the moral high ground.

It is not a question of where you stand on the issue of gay rights; it’s a simple matter of common decency.  We have come to expect this type of sordid behavior in the streets, now Barack Obama tolerates it in our White House.  The event was the first ever Gay Pride reception where the gay guests dined on crab cakes and canapés and danced to music played by the U.S. Marine Corps Band.  Quite a picture isn’t it.

One of the guests hand delivered a letter to Obama from an 18 year old student from Philadelphia.  It seems to be totally unrelated to sexual orientation.  The young man has had a rough time in school, not with his studies but with violence.  It’s not limited to bullying; four of his close friends and relatives have been killed.  Philadelphia mayor Mike Nutter promised a crackdown but he has done nothing.  You can read the student’s plea to Obama here.

The conditions in Philadelphia today can’t be blamed on the Republican Party.  The city has not had a Republican mayor since 1952; that’s 60 years.  But you probably guessed as much when I told you about the letter.


Help me out, I am over 80.  Who is Chris Rock and what do they mean when they say he riffs?  Or is Riffs his last name? It’s capitalized in the headline.  Is this the same dude who was just arrested for grabbing someone’s cell phone/camera away from them and smashing a window with it?

Apparently Mr. Riffs is a very important person because he was invited to a birthday party for the President of the United States at the White House.  He must have had a good time because he said he felt like “he died and went to black heaven,”.  He says the party was filled with celebrity guests like Jay-Z, Tom Hanks and Whoopi Goldberg.  Who is Jay-Z?

The ABC headline reads “Chris Rock Riffs on Obama’s 50th Birthday Party

While Rock called the party an “unbelievable experience,” he said the informal dress code made him feel like the late rapper “Jam Master Jay” at the White House.

Rock also talked about standing with rapper-producer Jay-Z in the audience and watching singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder and pianist-composer Herbie Hancock perform together.

“Me and Jay-Z looked at each other like, ‘Oh, hell no, we’re never going to do shows here,’” Rock said in the video of his club appearance. “The president is never going to go, ‘Yes, ‘Big Pimpin,’ how did you like that?’” Rock said, referring to a Jay-Z song. “That’s never going to happen. Let’s just be glad we’re invited.”

Rock went on to say that after Hancock and Wonder left the stage, the DJ slowly switched the tunes from the R&B group Kool & the Gang to funk innovator George Clinton and that the music got “blacker and blacker.”

The most surreal portion of the night, Rock said, was the moment Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” started playing. At that point, Rock recalled that first daughters Malia, 13, and Sasha Obama, 10,”came out of nowhere … and started doing the dougie” dance.

Is this our White House?  Stevie Wonder is great but Big Pimpin?  And if it was “Black Heaven” what was Tom Hanks doing there?  It was Obama’s 50th birthday party and the Washington Post says he paid for it, so I guess he is entitled to have whatever kind of party he wants.  As White House parties go, it certainly was different.  It must be part of the total transformation Obama promised us.



An alien in the White House

Dorothy Rabinowitz (WSJ) has written an insightful analysis explaining why Obama has fallen from grace by so many of his one time admirers. Her thesis is Obama is apart from America; he is among us but not of us. He is an alien in the White House.

There should have been nothing puzzling about [Obama] to anyone who has paid even modest critical attention to Mr. Obama’s pronouncements. For it was clear from the first that this president—single-minded, ever-visible, confident in his program for a reformed America saved from darkness by his arrival—was wanting in certain qualities citizens have until now taken for granted in their presidents. Namely, a tone and presence that said: This is the Americans’ leader, a man of them, for them, the nation’s voice and champion.

[Obama lacks those qualities expected in a President], identification with the nation and to all that binds its people together in pride and allegiance. These are feelings held deep in American hearts, unvoiced mostly, but unmistakably there and not only on the Fourth of July.

A great part of America now understands that this president’s sense of identification lies elsewhere, and is in profound ways unlike theirs. He is hard put to sound convincingly like the leader of the nation, because he is, at heart and by instinct, the voice mainly of his ideological class. He is the alien in the White House.

Ms. Rabinowitz continues,

One of his first reforms was to rid the White House of the bust of Winston Churchill—a gift from Tony Blair—by packing it back off to 10 Downing Street. A cloudlet of mystery has surrounded the subject ever since, but the central fact stands clear. The new administration had apparently found no place in our national house of many rooms for the British leader who lives on so vividly in the American mind. Churchill, face of our shared wartime struggle, dauntless rallier of his nation who continues, so remarkably, to speak to ours. For a president to whom such associations are alien, ridding the White House of Churchill would, of course, have raised no second thoughts.

Click here to read the full article. The authors observations of Obama’s appointees is particularly telling.

Bob B

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