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Photo Credit: Phillymag.com

Here we see three Gay Pride activists, all guests in the White House posing to be photographed as they proudly give the middle finger to a former President.  I for one would not tolerate such a disgusting act of disrespect like this from guests in my own house.  And I would wager a priestly sum on a bet that these three consider themselves to be the occupiers of the moral high ground.

It is not a question of where you stand on the issue of gay rights; it’s a simple matter of common decency.  We have come to expect this type of sordid behavior in the streets, now Barack Obama tolerates it in our White House.  The event was the first ever Gay Pride reception where the gay guests dined on crab cakes and canapés and danced to music played by the U.S. Marine Corps Band.  Quite a picture isn’t it.

One of the guests hand delivered a letter to Obama from an 18 year old student from Philadelphia.  It seems to be totally unrelated to sexual orientation.  The young man has had a rough time in school, not with his studies but with violence.  It’s not limited to bullying; four of his close friends and relatives have been killed.  Philadelphia mayor Mike Nutter promised a crackdown but he has done nothing.  You can read the student’s plea to Obama here.

The conditions in Philadelphia today can’t be blamed on the Republican Party.  The city has not had a Republican mayor since 1952; that’s 60 years.  But you probably guessed as much when I told you about the letter.


It’s not a threat. It’s a reality. However, we only know of one city that is enforcing it at this time, Philadelphia, PA, the “City of Brotherly Love”. The fee is $300 for a “business license” to publish a blog. If the blog produces no income and has no apparent commercial intent the fee is still being applied on the assertion that it is a “potential business”.

No new law was passed. The city simply widened the net of an existing law by declaring blogging to be a business, the same as a shoe store or barber shop. This class of tax in some states is called an Entity Tax. An Entity Tax is an Orwellian tax because it taxes something simply because it exists. No justification required.

Here we have an example of what Mark Levin calls “soft tyranny”.

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