RANDOM THOTS for Aug 13, 2010

Happy triskaidekaphobia day!
It is a good day to watch where you step. Many years ago, on another triskadekwhatever day a good friend of mine was walking under a ladder when a black cat scooted across his path. The cat so startled him that he dropped the mirror he was carrying only to see it break into a million pieces. Woe came unto him. For the rest of his life, his wife refused to leave him. So be careful, lest the same should happen to you.

I see Obama has transferred his Ethics Czar to the Czech Republic.
Timothy Carney over at the Washington  Examiner reports on it in a piece entitled Obama closes curtain on transparency. I am only 80 years old, but this Administration is the least transparent I have seen in my lifetime. Right off the bat, press conferences were manipulated. That we saw when Obama  “accepted” a question from a reporter who had not raised his hand. The reporter was not paying attention and didn’t realize it was his turn to ask his friendly and obviously anticipated question.

Then Obama and his boys tried to exclude Fox News from a press meeting to which all the other networks had been invited. The Administration ran the Totalitarian flag up the pole with that move. Imagine what might have followed if the MSM had not shot it down. Even the liberal MSM saw the threat.

Ethics Czar?   Shoosh, Rahm. We don’t need no ethics Czar. Send him to the C.R.

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