Week ending August 20, 2010

Harry Reid comes out against the Mosque’s being built at ground zero.
What’s next? Will he run as a Tea Party candidate?

French police fine male tourists for appearing shirtless in public.
In France?? How can this be? The report specifies “tourists”. Does that mean residents are exempt from the $48 “show-your-abs” fee? Or could it be that the fee simply doesn’t apply because French men are too discreet (or embarrassed) to show off their chests in the first place?

Dr Laura decides to call it quits.
After listening to the complete audio I must say she owes a big apology to the caller. You can find the complete audio at Media Matters on this page.

Unemployment claims climbed to a nine-month high, 500,000 unemployed.
This time there were no anomalies such as was the case when the census workers were released. It is FDR all over again.

Here is a list of headlines all seen today.


    “Allahu Akbar” Iran test fires new missile

    ‘Al-Qaida prepares for Israeli-Iran war

    U.S. Assures Israel Nuclear Iran Isn’t Imminent

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