The one juror of twelve who saved Blagojevich from the hoosegow has spoken. She saw the man as a narcissist with a swiss cheese brain. On the tapes he could be heard discussing an ambassadorship to India one day and then talking about appointing Oprah Winfrey to the seat the next.

So eleven of the jury saw Blago as a criminal and one saw him as an idiotic nut case. In either instance, how does a man like that get to be governor of a significant state like Illinois? The answer, of course, is to run on the Democratic ticket.

That’s not cynicism: unfortunately, it’s a truism. Republicans have elected some corrupt politicians, but it’s the Democrats that specialize in electing the ilk of Gov. Blagojevich to the higher offices like that of Senator or Governor. Did you ever hear of a Republican Machine? How far do you think the likes of an Al Franken would have risen in the Republican party?

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