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From Power Line
Blagojevich will be the fourth former governor of Illinois to go to jail since 1973. It is quite remarkable that President Obama has been able to avoid any significant association with the political culture from which he emerged.

About Michelle Bachmann
No, she is not a flake. She is, however, a gaffe a minute. The MSM would love to see her become the Republican candidate. I am concerned that she could suddenly blow it they way Howard Dean did. Pawlenty polls far below Bachman nationally but well ahead of her in Minnesota where they are both very well known.

Sovereign debt
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a measure of the size of a national economy. Comparing a nation’s level of debt to the size of their economy is a measure of prudence
in the level of borrowing. It is also a measure of their ability to make good on their loans.

We all know that Greece is deep in a pile of organic fertilizer; but few seem to realize the United States is headed even deeper. Here are some samples of debt as a percentage of GDP according to the IMF. Portugal 83, Ireland 94, Iceland 116, Greece 143. Germany and France are 74 and 82 respectively. The Congressional Budget Office currently puts the United States at 93 percent and projects it to be 140% in 1928 and 190% by 1935. And you know no one is going to bail us out.

It is no winder the Democrats have not met their obligation to present a budget for 2 ½ years. It would mean they would be held responsible following in the footsteps of Greece.


The one juror of twelve who saved Blagojevich from the hoosegow has spoken. She saw the man as a narcissist with a swiss cheese brain. On the tapes he could be heard discussing an ambassadorship to India one day and then talking about appointing Oprah Winfrey to the seat the next.

So eleven of the jury saw Blago as a criminal and one saw him as an idiotic nut case. In either instance, how does a man like that get to be governor of a significant state like Illinois? The answer, of course, is to run on the Democratic ticket.

That’s not cynicism: unfortunately, it’s a truism. Republicans have elected some corrupt politicians, but it’s the Democrats that specialize in electing the ilk of Gov. Blagojevich to the higher offices like that of Senator or Governor. Did you ever hear of a Republican Machine? How far do you think the likes of an Al Franken would have risen in the Republican party?


One jury member speaks out. Eric Sarnello, a criminal justice student, shared his thoughts with CBS news. The 12 person jury came very close to a unanimous decision in the case…except for one woman holdout. “She just looked at things a different way,” said Sarnello. “We’d listen to a tape and people would be like, ‘wow, that just confirms that he’s guilty’ and she’d say, ‘that just confirms to me that he’s not guilty”. It’s a mistrial on 23 of 24 counts.

Ah, the frustrations of our legal system. Now we must double the expense, double the time, double the effort, and do it again. By the time he is convicted he may have been elected to the Senate seat himself. Why not? Boston Mayor Jim Curley once ran the city government exercising the privileges of office from his jail cell. He later ran for Governor of Massachusetts. Integrity is not a requirement for Democratic office seekers.

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