_ _ _ HALASZBASTYA _ _ _ The Fisherman's Bastion

Budapest is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. Its magnificence is best experienced at night, either from the Chain Bridge or better still, from a boat gliding along the River Donau that separates Buda from Pest. We call the river the Danube. The great Buda Castle dominates the evening sky, sitting fully lit up and high on a hill on the east bank. In the daytime your attention is drawn to the Parliament building across the river in Pest.  It’s impressive size and intricate baroque architecture calls out for you to come and explore.

No city in Europe is richer in history than Buda and Pest, two cities that became one in 1873. To study its past is to read of the Magyars, Ottomans and even the Celts. The language is a difficult one to learn and closer to Finnish than to any nearby Slavic tongue. Nestled between Transylvania and Bohemia, Hungary is as much the land of Gypsies as is Romania.

Turn up the sound, fill up the screen and listen to this zesty performance by the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra.

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