The Vicious Cycle

No worker wants to see his employer downsized. Downsizing brings job insecurity and lessened opportunity for those employed. Government employees at all levels realize it’s the Democratic Party that fights for growth and expansion of government, and with it, security and opportunity for the government worker. The Democratic Party is the party for the government, of the government and by the government.

The rest of the people pay for the salaries and benefits enjoyed by government employees. The Republican Party calls for limited government, reduction of government expenditures and lower taxes. The Republican Party is the party of the rest of the people.

The recent passage of the 26 billion dollar funding bill is a prime example of the vicious cycle at work. It was promoted by the Administration as a bill to fund salaries for teachers, police, firemen and first responders, which indeed it was, government workers all.

The bigger government gets, the more people there are who vote for bigger government. Democracy is a fragile system. This is just one of its vulnerabilities.

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