RANDOM STUFF Sept 13, 2010

The New York Times reports today in the print edition, “A majority of those who voted for Obama still approve of the job he is doing”. Another way of putting it would be, that among those who voted for Obama, nearly half were willing to admit to a pollster that they were wrong, and that they disapprove of the job Obama is doing. I can use a truthful statement to spin a poll just as well as can the big boys at the paper still considered by some to be the one of record.

Now about those parties, the way the Obama’s are partying one would think they had won the lottery, or were spending someone else’s money. It makes one wonder if Barack feels he only has two more years and is milking it for all he can get while he can get it. I am getting a little irked. He lives in our house and we let him stay there because he has pledged to be of service to us. Then he throws one private party after another and we are not invited, at least most of us are not. We let him live rent free, he changes the furniture and sends us the bill. It’s time we threw the bum out.

Crime seems to be on the increase. Sometimes it is downright disgusting. Take Cabbagegate for instance. Some creep named Steve Miller down in De Kalb County Georgia has been growing too many vegetables, and his crop wasn’t limited to cabbage either. He was even giving spinach and some green peppers to his neighbors, but they caught him, slapped a 5,000 dollar fine on the scoundrel. Read about it here.

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