Many books have been written that expound on a single profound thought. Never Enough by Wm Voegli is such a book. The liberal agenda will never be satisfied until there is no poverty, no bigotry, no wars ever, anywhere, for any cause and equality of wealth is established worldwide. The call will be for ever more government, ever more programs and ever more taxes until the goal is reached. The goal is unattainable. Whatever contribution, whatever effort, whatever sacrifice, whatever compromise, whatever acquiescence, whatever cost is paid, all of it is destined to remain for ever and ever… never enough.

Another example of a book written around a theme is A Conflict of Visions by Thomas Sowell. Sowell’s concept is of two irreconcilable visions which he calls the constrained and the unconstrained. The constrained vision recognizes mankind as eternally fallible and seeks the best for humanity by arranging government within the limitations (constraints) imposed by that view. Holders of this vision put more faith in the collected wisdom of the ages than in the wisdom of a few people of superior intellect. The unconstrained vision sees failures in governance as individual mistakes, mistakes by which we must learn to avoid in the future. This vision considers people of superior intellect to be capable of ordering a better society than one developed serendipitously from the collected experiences of the common man

Sowell’s work could be described as stem cell research into the very DNA upon which the great societal and political left/right dichotomy is built. If ever there was a time to understand the differences that divide us, now is the time, this is the book.

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