Ideology is stronger than truth.

When a true believer loses an argument to the truth, the argument changes in order that the belief can remain the same. We have seen it with global warming. As truth toppled the claim that “scientists agree” that global warming is man-made and the only direction is up, the argument changed from global warming to “climate change”. Now warming or cooling, not to mention floods and hurricanes can qualify to justify the ideology that lies beneath the argument.

Barack Obama is an icon of the left. When observers first raised the question of whether Obama might be a socialist his defenders quickly responded with denials. Socialism is held with disregard in America. Assertions of socialism were labeled “absurd” or “racism” or “over the top”. Attempts to label the champion of Hope and Change as a socialist were not to be tolerated.

But the argument that Obama is not a socialist is being lost to the truth. As the truth becomes more and more apparent, look for the argument to change. It will no longer be the President is not a socialist. It will be socialism is a good thing. In the course of a televised committee hearing, Maxine Waters told oil company executives “Socialism is the goal.” At the time it was considered to be a gaffe. But in due course such a comment will be seen as one coming from someone who holds a commonly expressed viewpoint but not a gaffe.

Nevertheless, America is still America. The Tea Party has proven that. For decades the Republican and Democratic parties have been marching leftward. Republicans, not the party but the people, have had enough and are bringing the party back toward home. The Democrats, on the other hand, have accelerated their pace and are marching off a cliff. Let us hope some liberal version of a tea party will emerge to bring them back home to the Democratic party of Truman and JFK. Then we can get back to debating and arguing with each other with mutual respect.

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