The question is which one is Vladimir Putin’s most significant other?

Oh those ugly rumors, what’s a former president to do? Put it to the people Putin proposed in typical Putin style. Let’s do a television interview, Mr. and Mrs. on the couch in living color, earthy brown, to shown nothing special is going down.

COZY ON THE COUCH (The dog may be rented)



Care was taken to set the stage. The décor not to put on the wall was meticulously chosen. The inebriants not to put on the table were carefully selected. The uniforms to be worn were aptly tailored. Nothing was overlooked, except the wedding rings. Uh-oh. Vladimir forgot to wear his and the misses had hers on her right hand which, in Russia, is the wrong hand for a married woman.

So it is not very clear at all. We are left to decide for ourselves who, in Putins mind, is the fairest of them all.

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