Who were the unsung heroes of the 2010 election? It wasn’t the voters. It wasn’t the Tea Party. They were heroes but they were also obvious. It was the bloggers.

The MSM circled the wagons, circled them tighter than ever. Fox played its part of course but Fox is an institution and big, whereas bloggers are grass roots and small. Ants can go where elephants cannot. It is easy to focus an attack on a big central target and attempt to bring it into disrepute. But you can’t do the same against an army of ants when they are numerous and scattered all over a land 3,000 miles wide.

The good bloggers are truth guerillas. No matter where you are or what office you seek there are bloggers wherever you are. They blog left and they blog right. Every office seeker is held to the light.

Random Thots is but a candle in the sphere, but it is a candle among a thousand points of light. This blogger writes in the spirit of the songwriter who wrote “This little light of mine,… I’m gonna let it shine,…let it shine,…let it shine”.

[Thank you Susan, for inspiring me to write this post.]

Bob B

One response to “UNSUNG HEROES OF ELECTION 2010

  1. You are so right, Bob:

    Thank you for your courage and tenacity – as well as your EXCELLENT filtering through the information and ensuring that yours is indeed the truth.


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