Today it is November 7, 2010. Vanity Fair has published the following opening comment dated next month. I guess that’s what magazines do.

Wake Up, America!
By Graydon Carter
December 2010

Well, anger certainly continues to be all the rage in the corridors of American politics. … Polls taken prior to the November midterm election indicated that a surprising number of Obama voters said they were going to vote Republican this time and an equally surprising number of McCain supporters said they would be backing Democratic candidates. What that is about, God knows.

Presumably, what Carter meant to say was “only God knows.” Certainly Carter doesn’t. We must not be getting our message across say the Democrats. Little do they realize their problem is just the opposite. Their message is getting across and it’s being resoundingly rejected. It’s people like Graydon Carter that need the hearing aids, not the voters.

And pray tell, if Carter’s’s claim that an equal number of voters in this election switched their vote away from Republicans and to the Democrats, as did the other way around, how does Graydon explain the Republican landslide? He doesn’t.

Obama has taken the same condescending tack. He says it wasn’t what we did; it was that we didn’t explain it well enough for the voters to understand. I take Graydon Carter at his word. He just doesn’t know any better. I can’t be quite as generous with Barack Obama.

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