The party is breaking up. The Democrats are splitting into two factions with Obama on the left and Pelosi and Reid on the left. The Obama crowd on the left continues to rally around the cry- “Bush did it!” The faction on the left, the other left, being more Progressive has decided to Move-On to the slogan “Obama did it! Don’t blame the rest of the party!”

The Dems know the Dude is done. Nancy Pelosi has ordered a new bus from Government Motors to be parked on the White House lawn. Harry Reid is getting the casinos to donate some red and blue pillows to put under the big vehicle. The contract to paint a presidential seal on the rear of the bus is going to an important campaign donor and the words AT LEAST I TRIED will appear in a ring around the seal. As Obama goes under the bus it will be in a style befitting his presidency.

Pelosi is going with the slogan “I did it! And it was all good!” In fact, in a private meeting with her Presidential Campaign Exploration Committee Nancy expressed confidence in her electoral chances, saying “By 2012 all the little people will have come to realize what I have done and vote for me.”

“No more negative campaigning,” she pledged with her characteristic smile. The theme will be forward looking and very progressive. With Obama gone we can pass Card Check to strengthen the labor unions, the DREAM Act to increase the population of Democratic voters and Cap and Trade as an outreach to other nations by making it easier for them to compete with U.S. industry. To reach the useful masses we will cry “Give us your votes and we will reduce your mortgage payments! We’ve done it before and we can do it again!”

They do have a point there. In fact some citizens no longer have to make any mortgage payments at all.

So it's not from Government Motors, but the colors are right

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