Venezuela has been hit by heavy rains. Deaths are reported at 32 with 70,000 left homeless. Socialist President Hugo Chavez holds “criminal capitalists” responsible for the disaster. God, Satan and mother nature get off scot-free. Preposterous, isn’t it! Nobody could believe it, could they? Nobody believes in flying saucers either, do they! Or… do they?

Here in the United States the citizenry are better informed. Blaming thunderstorms on “totalitarian socialists” wouldn’t fly. A few of us up here in North America may say it was God or Satan acting up, but most will simply say it was “just mother nature.” Now, we all know mother nature is organic and organic is “in”. It would be doubly incorrect to hold
such a lady responsible for the misery caused. So let’s blame the President. After all, someone has to be to blame. Accidents don’t just happen.

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