Revenge of Wikileak Fans

Master Card and VISA disabled, PAY PAL and Amazon under attack. Palin and the Swedish government’s websites disabled. All of this was accomplished today by a cyber army of hackers in support of Assange and his Wikileaks.

In Berkeley California, the City Council prepared a resolution for a Tuesday vote to honor the soldier who is believed to have supplied Assange with access to the data being released. Only in Berkeley!

In Moscow the Kremlin urges the nomination of Julian Assange for the Nobel Peace Prize. It seems it is not only in Berkeley after all.

Automatic “doomsday release” is impossible to stop, claims its founder. The information will flow faster than the encryption code could possibly be broken.

Lines are in the process of being drawn. The hard Left is coming out in support of Assange. The Wikileak releases are enormously embarrassing to the United States. But the supporters are not focusing their attacks on the Right, other than Sarah Palin. Sweden and Amazon cannot be called Right Wing targets. Sen. Lieberman has come out with a strong condemnation few other Democrats (we know, Lieberman is technically not a Democrat) have expressed strong opinions.

And where is Obama? Much of the Press is saying he seems not to be taking the issue very seriously. But then, he has never been very concerned about embarrassing America, has he?

One response to “WOW! WHAT A WACKY WICKI DAY!

  1. Obama continues to dive deeper and deeper into the cesspool. His arrogant cavalier attitude regarding attacks on our country – accidental like the Gulf Oil Spill and direct attacks like terrorist bombing attempts and now this debacle – just plain sickens me. He daily shows his true knowledge base and his lack of commitment to upholding and protecting the Constitution.

    Try standing next to a sewage treatment plant and take a deep breath. Not much difference, is it?

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