Obama tax cuts? …Yessir, Obama tax cuts. …Really? …Yup. He says cutting tax rates could raise tax revenues and help reduce the national debt. …You’re kidding, aren’t you? No Democrat ever said that. …Obama did. It’s in the New York Times. It has to be true.

WASHINGTON — President Obama is considering whether to push early next year for an overhaul of the income tax code to lower rates and raise revenues in what would be his first major effort to begin addressing the long-term growth of the national debt.

One has to wonder what this heresy is all about. Triangulation is one thing, total about face is quite another. It’s in the Democratic Bible  “Thou shall raise taxes lest the abomination of debt fall upon thee.” Perhaps the President’s fingers were crossed when he said it.

Of course, at this point it is not even a proposal, it’s just a proposal of a proposal. A flag, as they say, run up the pole to see if anyone salutes. But it’s a historical moment nonetheless.

One response to “THE OBAMA TAX CUTS

  1. During his presidential campaign President Barack Obama promised the American people a net spending cut. President Obama would hike it to 32 000 per household by 2019- an inflation-adjusted 8 000-per-household expansion of government. President Obama has framed his budget as a break from the failed policies of the Bush Administration.

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