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May we introduce the Thotful Bird Dog.  A good bird dog hunts and points. The Thotful Bird Dog will hunt for what you would want to know and point to where you can find it. The Thotful Bird Dog needs a name. Your suggestions are welcome.

Here’s Fido’s first foray. (Now you see why he or she needs a name. “Fido” just doesn’t do it.)

From the New York Times Online

Nation’s Mood at Lowest Level in Two Years, Poll Shows

Americans’ pessimism about the economy and the nation’s direction is hurting the ratings of President Obama and Congress, the latest New York Times/CBS News poll finds.

No kidding !
From Haaretz

Netanyahu and Obama have peace plans up their sleeves

I’m afraid it’s not Obama, Haaretz. It’s the GOP and the Republican House of Representatives who have peace plans up their sleeves. The GOP pulled a coup on Obama with this one. Way to go GOP !!

From Drudge Reports via LiveLeak


Black girls beat a white girl into seizure in McDonalds. One man stands at a safe distance asking them to stop it. The only one who steps in to stop it is an elderly white woman. This is about as ugly as it gets. We dislike reporting it but if these things are not reported they will never be stopped.


Headline from the New York Times:
World to End Tuesday! Women and Children Expected to be Hardest Hit!”

That was the old joke. Krugman’s actual headline on Feb 27,2011 read “Leaving Children Behind“.
The theme of his piece is that Republicans are making “draconian cuts in spending… And who will bear the brunt of these cuts? America’s children.”


The Brilliance of the New York Times
A journal doesn’t get to be the leading newspaper in a nation like the United States without publishing profound and meaningful content. Prestige that follows assignment as a writer or editor for the Times is recognized the world over. An organization like the Times can draw upon the best talent in the western world.

Subscribers to Daily Headlines get 4 or 5 headlines and a “Quote of the Day”. The headlines purport to report the news. News is news; the quote is where the paper can wax profound. Today the editors chose these words of wisdom to put up front for the “Quote of the Day” (drum roll please).

“I’m missing a whole lot. I know that.”

There you have it, sum and substance, the whole bit, nothing left out, not clouded with a lot of context, pure profound wisdom as seen by the editors of the New York Times. Accreditation was given to a 17 year old student from Coffeesville, Alabama who didn’t have a broadband connection for his computer.

There is currently no cost for a subscription to The Daily Headlines. You might want to consider signing up. It’s definitely worth the price.

Are you a doctor?
You might want to consider giving it up and becoming a cop. There’s more money in it. In our home town, an officer in blue just retired after making $299,223 in his last year. We don’t know how much his pension will be, but in some towns it is as much as 90% of regular wages. And doctor, other than a return on money you have put aside yourself, how much will your pension be? Oh, you are self employed; you have no employer pension. See what I mean? Become a cop. There’s more money in it.

Maxine has a question
Mr. Obama, you say you have gifted us with a health care plan we are forced to buy and will be fined if we don’t, that covers 30 million more people with no more new doctors, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress who didn’t read it, but exempted themselves from it, administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, a plan for which we’ll be taxed for four years before we get any benefits, by a government that has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, overseen by a Surgeon general who is obese, supported by a president who smokes. Do I understand it correctly, Barack?

Love, Maxine


This item could have easily been titled ”Joke of the Week”. Here is one sentence from the New York Times’ announcement of Olbermann’s final break with MSNBC. It’s a real howler.

“Mr. Olbermann’s outspoken, and sometimes controversial, support of liberal positions and Democratic candidates redefined MSNBC from a neutral news channel to one that openly offered a voice to viewers on the left, much as Fox News has done for conservatives.”

Sometimes controversial? The Times needs a good thesaurus so they could find words like “frequently” or “always” or “highly”. And controversial? Sarah Palin is controversial. Keith Olbermann is beyond controversial, he is mean spirited. At least that’s what the Times might have said. I would have said disgusting.

Olbermann redefined MSNBC, from a neutral channel? Do the editors think MSNBC was politically neutral before he came on board? Apparently so. Makes your head spin, doesn’t it. It takes a very strong pair of liberal colored glasses to see MSNBC as neutral, even before Olbermann.

“Openly offered a voice to viewers on the left” So that’s why the ratings were so high (a bit of sarcasm there), the left finally had a voice, and an open voice at that. Out of the closet, finally!

Olbermann and MSNBC are much like Fox. Really? Perhaps we should get a television set for them as well as a thesaurus so they could actually watch Fox before equating it to MSNBC.

So much for the New York Times. Now I feel the need to explain Dead Horse. You see, there has been a lot of reporting on the Olbermann affair, at Random Thots and elsewhere. And it’s over. He’s gone. Commenting further, such as I have done here is like hitting a horse that has died in an effort to get him up, a useless endeavor. I was not suggesting violence against horses or people. I did not intend to imply any harm should come to the mann. I did not mean to compare Olbermann to a dead horse. If I were to compare him to a horse it would be a live one, and not the whole horse, of course.

I do not believe horses should be beaten, not even dead ones. I am a good and gentle person. I’m just not a Democrat.



Which causes deficits, too much spending or too little confiscation of someone else’s money? The New York Times thinks it’s the latter; deficits are caused by taxes being to low. Republicans are exhibiting “hypocrisy”, they cry. They are lawmakers with a “warped mind-set” sharing a “fantasy” about tax cuts and setting budget rules that “forbid being sensible”.

“Warped mind-set” is just an opinion. An opinion is just a view, not a claim. We accept it as such and further stipulate for the record that we do not consider a slur like this to be beneath the dignity of the times. The epithet is allowed.

But when the nations leading newspaper headlines an editorial “Deficit Hypocrisy”, one expects a clear and credible charge of hypocrisy will follow. Let’s explain the charge. The estate tax rate this year is zero. Next year, 2011, it goes up to 35%. In the Times’ world this is not an increase’ it is “deep cuts” (sic) for the wealthy. The hypocrisy we are expected to see is that Republicans who voted for the estate tax increase also voted to extend unemployment benefits.



Perhaps the sky is green, the ocean is orange with pink polka-dots and the chairs all clap as he approaches the podium. Paul Krugman lives in another world.

There are zombies in Krugman’s world and ‘they are us’. Krugman’s podium is the NY Times where he writes Op-Ed articles like Monday’s When Zombies Win. Reflecting on the mid-term elections he asks “How did that happen?” It is not a rhetorical question. He truly doesn’t know. Where in the world has…excuse me, where out of the world has he been? In the bubble, of course in a self imposed exile shielded from alternative thought.

“Free market fundamentalists have been wrong about everything.” Everything, Paul? If everything is wrong, then the only alternative would be socialism, wouldn’t it?

“The Obama stimulus – which was about 40% tax cuts, ” Forty percent tax cuts? Were did that come from? The green sky perhaps.

“Clinton …raised taxes and… presided over spectacular job growth .” You got that right, but I would have liked it better if you had said “presided over spectacular job growth and then he raised taxes”, for that was the order in which they occurred. You also might have added that Clinton inherited a growing economy from Bush the senior, then presided over the dot com bubble, and handed the bust to Bush the junior along with a rapidly collapsing economy.

“Bush… cut taxes and presided over anemic growth even before the crisis.” Which crisis, Paul? I presume you mean 911. Facts are right again, but I think you are connecting the cart to the wrong end of the horse. The order was (1) anemic growth – as we said, inherited from Clinton, (2) tax cuts – yes, to stimulate the economy when it was poor, (3) the crisis – an incipient recovery cut off at the knees by 19 Islamists, 3 airplanes and 6 pilots with slit throats.

Do you know what came next, Paul? It was a strong economy, nearly 4% annual growth and a jobless rate that fell to 4.4%. And then clipped at the knees again, the mortgage crisis. Who brought that about? Space doesn’t allow explaining that here, but you can read about it here and here. It wasn’t George Bush.

Dear reader and fellow zombie, I haven’t even covered the first four paragraphs. Let’s skip the rest and go straight to the end. Krugman does not like the tax deal Obama just made with the enemy. He says “We all understand the need to deal with one’s political enemies. But it’s one thing to make deals to advance your goals; it’s another to open the door to zombie ideas. When you do that, the zombies end up eating your brain — and quite possibly your economy too”.

Zombie – a soulless body in the Voodoo cult of Haiti
Enemy – any Republican


When you see a headline like this one from the Baltimore Sun, “Republicans deny medical aid to 9/11 First Responders ” the first thought that should come to anyone’s mind is – why? And there is always a reason why. But it often takes some effort to find it.

In this case, the first thing that came to my mind is “no they don’t”.  The headline is a not so subtle propagandic phrase. What the Republicans are denying is this particular proposition for expansion of certain medical benefits. There are just four objectives that drive political actions, power, money, election/re-election and the good of the country.  Meanness does not further any of these objectives; however, painting your opponent as being mean, does.

Democrats could have passed the bill in July. Democrats controlled the Senate; Democrats controlled the House. The party that controls the House sets the House procedural rules for each bill. The vote was 255 in favor to 159 opposed. Why didn’t it pass? The New York Times explained

“Democrats used rules requiring a wider majority for approval to prevent Republicans from offering amendments on the floor that would embarrass Democrats in an election year”

And further stated,

“the federal government has been appropriating money on an annual basis to monitor the health of people injured at ground zero and to provide them with medical treatment. But the bill’s supporters said there were problems with the year-to-year approach, including that money for the program was subject to the political whims of Congress and the White House.

So, if we are to believe the New York Times, it was the procedural rules set by Democrats in charge that killed the bill. And it was done to prevent certain “embarrassments” to Democrats in an election year. See above, paragraph 2, objective 3, “election/re-election.”

Also according to the Times, the 911 first responders have been getting funds from the federal government all along. No one, neither Republicans nor Democrats have denied medical benefits to these heroes. The bill is less about the first responders (objective 4) than it is about power, money and election/re-election (objectives 1 to 3).


Obama tax cuts? …Yessir, Obama tax cuts. …Really? …Yup. He says cutting tax rates could raise tax revenues and help reduce the national debt. …You’re kidding, aren’t you? No Democrat ever said that. …Obama did. It’s in the New York Times. It has to be true.

WASHINGTON — President Obama is considering whether to push early next year for an overhaul of the income tax code to lower rates and raise revenues in what would be his first major effort to begin addressing the long-term growth of the national debt.

One has to wonder what this heresy is all about. Triangulation is one thing, total about face is quite another. It’s in the Democratic Bible  “Thou shall raise taxes lest the abomination of debt fall upon thee.” Perhaps the President’s fingers were crossed when he said it.

Of course, at this point it is not even a proposal, it’s just a proposal of a proposal. A flag, as they say, run up the pole to see if anyone salutes. But it’s a historical moment nonetheless.


Bill Kristol was considered to be the only conservative columnist at the New York Times…until he was fired. Then there were none…until his replacement arrived, a man by the name of Ross Douthat. Here are some excerpts from Mr. Douthat’s Op-Ed piece on the Restoring Honor Rally.

Mr. BECK GOES TO WASHINGTON. New York Times, Published: August 29, 2010

Just as Michael Moore, amid Democratic disarray, became the unlikely face of liberal opposition to George W. Bush, the mercurial, weepy, demagogic Beck has spent the last 18 months filling the void left by the institutional collapse of the Republican Party. And just as Moore’s influence diminished as the Democrats came roaring back, it seemed plausible that Beck would matter less and less as the midterms and then the 2012 election re-empowered actual Republican politicians.

This was a tent revival crossed with a pep rally intertwined with a history lecture married to a U.S.O. telethon — and that was just in the first hour.

There was piety — endless piety, as speaker after speaker demanded that Americans rededicate themselves to God.

[It was possible] to justify almost any interpretation of the event. A Beck admirer could spin “Restoring Honor” as proof that left-wing fears about the Tea Partiers are overblown: But a suspicious liberal could retort that all the God-and-Christ talk and military tributes were proof enough that a sinister Christian nationalism lurked beneath the surface.

Similarly, one could call the rally a gross affront to the memory of King, who presumably wouldn’t have cared much for Beck’s right-wing politics. But one could also call the day a strange, unlooked-for fulfillment of King’s prophecies: 47 years after the “I Have a Dream” speech, here were tens of thousands of white conservatives roaring their approval of its author.

A weepy demagogue. the Michael Moore of the Republican Party, surrounded by white folks roaring their approval. That’s the report from the Conservative desk of the New York Times.


On Friday the 13th the Federal Second Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court’s decision that stood in the way of Congress’s move to end government funding for the Association of Community Organizers for Reform now, acronymed for the oak tree nut, ACORN. In their appeal, ACORN pleaded that such a decision would be “a corporate death sentence”. Let us hope they were right.

It is now 2 days after the decision. Googling “New York Times, ACORN loses appeal” brings up nothing from the Times, nor did other variations of search. Perhaps the editors are all tied up in a memorial service.

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