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"Now this is what I want you to do, Ben"

Have you noticed how often Barack Obama puts a condescending hand on another head of state?  Have you noticed the selectivity upon whom the gesture is applied?  To Saudi and Chinese leaders he bows in humble respect.  It is upon the shoulders of Western leaders that he lays the hand of superiority.  A handshake is a symbol of acceptance, respect and equality.  A hand on a shoulder is something quite different; it emanates from a paternal instinct.  It says – I’m your senior, be not concerned, I’ll take care of you.  It is a gesture born of an inner feeling of superiority, not from a sense of equality.

When Obama bestows the gesture upon Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu it takes on the added dimension of a mafioso kiss.  It also troubled me when Obama had his photo taken in the oval office showing the bottom of his shoes while talking to Netanyahu.  In the Muslim world that’s the ultimate demonstration of disrespect.  It troubled me even more when, in an unprecedented move by any U.S. president, Obama refused to dine with the visiting Israeli head of state, relegating his dishonored guest to eating alone.  That’s an insult everyone understands.

It troubles me still to see the Israeli head of state need to stand before this contemptuous president of ours, hat in hand to plead for support.  It would be humiliating for a lesser man.  But the Prime Minister shows no disrespect and does it because he puts the welfare of his people above all personal considerations.  I envy the people of Israeli for having such a leader.


When Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke before a joint session of Congress he received numerous standing ovations.  This is what he had to say about America.  He opened his speech with:

Israel has no better friend than America.  And America has no better friend than Israel.  We stand together to defend democracy.  We stand together to advance peace.  We stand together to fight terrorism.  Congratulations America, Congratulations, Mr. President.  You got bin Laden.  Good riddance.

And he closed with these sincere remarks:

 My friends, the momentous trials of the last century, and the unfolding events of this century, attest to the decisive role of the United States in advancing peace and defending freedom. Providence entrusted the United States to be the guardian of liberty. All peoples who cherish freedom owe a profound debt of gratitude to your great nation. Among the most grateful nations is my nation, the people of Israel, who have fought for their liberty and survival against impossible odds, in ancient and modern times alike.

I speak on behalf of the Jewish people and the Jewish state when I say to you, representatives of America, Thank you. Thank you for your unwavering support for Israel. Thank you for ensuring that the flame of freedom burns bright throughout the world. May God bless all of you. And may God forever bless the United States of America.

There was a time when America had presidents who appreciated their homeland like that. There was a time when our presidents knew America was a force for good in the world. That time will be back. We made a mistake. We were led astray. We elected a man most of us did not know. We are wiser now. When the leader of a foreign nation like Israel has not lost faith in the American people, by what measure should we?

Every nation has had its failings. A leader’s responsibility is to see those failings are not repeated; it is not his place to air them before the rest of the world. Caroline Glick had this to say about Obama in the Jerusalem Post:

Since he assumed office, Obama has been traveling the world apologizing for America’s world leadership. He has been lecturing the American people about the need to subordinate America’s national interests to global organizations like the United Nations that are controlled by dictatorships which despise [America].

Suddenly, here was an allied leader reminding them of why America is a great nation that leads the world by right, not by historical coincidence.

And Netanyahu showed real pride in his own people.

In an unstable Middle East, Israel is the one anchor of stability. In a region of shifting alliances, Israel is America’s unwavering ally. Israel has always been pro-American. Israel will always be pro-American.

My friends, you don’t need to do nation building in Israel. We’re already built. You don’t need to export democracy to Israel. We’ve already got it. You don’t need to send American troops to defend Israel. We defend ourselves.

The comparison between the two leaders is saddening. In fact it is painful.


May we introduce the Thotful Bird Dog.  A good bird dog hunts and points. The Thotful Bird Dog will hunt for what you would want to know and point to where you can find it. The Thotful Bird Dog needs a name. Your suggestions are welcome.

Here’s Fido’s first foray. (Now you see why he or she needs a name. “Fido” just doesn’t do it.)

From the New York Times Online

Nation’s Mood at Lowest Level in Two Years, Poll Shows

Americans’ pessimism about the economy and the nation’s direction is hurting the ratings of President Obama and Congress, the latest New York Times/CBS News poll finds.

No kidding !
From Haaretz

Netanyahu and Obama have peace plans up their sleeves

I’m afraid it’s not Obama, Haaretz. It’s the GOP and the Republican House of Representatives who have peace plans up their sleeves. The GOP pulled a coup on Obama with this one. Way to go GOP !!

From Drudge Reports via LiveLeak


Black girls beat a white girl into seizure in McDonalds. One man stands at a safe distance asking them to stop it. The only one who steps in to stop it is an elderly white woman. This is about as ugly as it gets. We dislike reporting it but if these things are not reported they will never be stopped.


Mr. Netanyahu, tear down those settlements !

Random Thots may owe Barack Obama an apology, and maybe not. It is possible he has a habit of putting his feet on our desk when talking to foreign heads of state. Or maybe his father was just not into teaching him manners.

If we need to apologize, so does Haaretz. It’s a good photo. All it lacks is a cigar.

Bob B

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