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Which causes deficits, too much spending or too little confiscation of someone else’s money? The New York Times thinks it’s the latter; deficits are caused by taxes being to low. Republicans are exhibiting “hypocrisy”, they cry. They are lawmakers with a “warped mind-set” sharing a “fantasy” about tax cuts and setting budget rules that “forbid being sensible”.

“Warped mind-set” is just an opinion. An opinion is just a view, not a claim. We accept it as such and further stipulate for the record that we do not consider a slur like this to be beneath the dignity of the times. The epithet is allowed.

But when the nations leading newspaper headlines an editorial “Deficit Hypocrisy”, one expects a clear and credible charge of hypocrisy will follow. Let’s explain the charge. The estate tax rate this year is zero. Next year, 2011, it goes up to 35%. In the Times’ world this is not an increase’ it is “deep cuts” (sic) for the wealthy. The hypocrisy we are expected to see is that Republicans who voted for the estate tax increase also voted to extend unemployment benefits.