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This item could have easily been titled ”Joke of the Week”. Here is one sentence from the New York Times’ announcement of Olbermann’s final break with MSNBC. It’s a real howler.

“Mr. Olbermann’s outspoken, and sometimes controversial, support of liberal positions and Democratic candidates redefined MSNBC from a neutral news channel to one that openly offered a voice to viewers on the left, much as Fox News has done for conservatives.”

Sometimes controversial? The Times needs a good thesaurus so they could find words like “frequently” or “always” or “highly”. And controversial? Sarah Palin is controversial. Keith Olbermann is beyond controversial, he is mean spirited. At least that’s what the Times might have said. I would have said disgusting.

Olbermann redefined MSNBC, from a neutral channel? Do the editors think MSNBC was politically neutral before he came on board? Apparently so. Makes your head spin, doesn’t it. It takes a very strong pair of liberal colored glasses to see MSNBC as neutral, even before Olbermann.

“Openly offered a voice to viewers on the left” So that’s why the ratings were so high (a bit of sarcasm there), the left finally had a voice, and an open voice at that. Out of the closet, finally!

Olbermann and MSNBC are much like Fox. Really? Perhaps we should get a television set for them as well as a thesaurus so they could actually watch Fox before equating it to MSNBC.

So much for the New York Times. Now I feel the need to explain Dead Horse. You see, there has been a lot of reporting on the Olbermann affair, at Random Thots and elsewhere. And it’s over. He’s gone. Commenting further, such as I have done here is like hitting a horse that has died in an effort to get him up, a useless endeavor. I was not suggesting violence against horses or people. I did not intend to imply any harm should come to the mann. I did not mean to compare Olbermann to a dead horse. If I were to compare him to a horse it would be a live one, and not the whole horse, of course.

I do not believe horses should be beaten, not even dead ones. I am a good and gentle person. I’m just not a Democrat.



Friday November 5th, Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC suspended Keith Olbermann indefinitely for having made campaign contributions against MSNBC policy. No other details yet.

The irony of it! The star of MSNBC, the creator of a list of his Worst Persons In the World, always Republicans never Democrats, is relieved of his on-air position because his campaign contributions to three Democrats might reveal a bias.